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                                                                  OSW 2020 Banquet



Please Join us!!  We have scheduled the Thomas C. Master’s Pavilion at Boardman Park, for Saturday, October 17th.   Hoping for a nice fall day, the event will be from 12:00 to 3:00.  The grounds around the pavilion are well groomed and if anyone wishes to eat outside the pavilion, you can bring your chairs and perhaps a small camping table, for further distancing. We are thinking of every possible situation. Everyone will receive a copy of the Boardman Park COVID-19 Guidelines for Open-Air Pavilions.  These guidelines must be followed and will be enforced.  Everyone should bring their own drinks.  We are having pie for dessert (so a thermos of coffee might be nice!!)  Water will be available. Boardman Park is Alcohol Free. 

The banquet will be catered and served by the caterer, who follow all the regulations and restrictions. If anyone has questions, please e-mail me at



 NEOC 2020 has been cancelled due to the ongoing concerns of COVID and the additional expenses the club would incur by adhering to the regulations set forth by the Trumbull County Health Department.   


Reminder for members
  Please send your non-club COVID miles for the period between July 26 through August 25 th

We need to tally up how well our club is doing this year. 
Every mile counts towards our total.
This is an opportunity to have an all time club record of total miles and a record number of members riding.
Last year we had 93 riders and 87,759 miles. We have 57,000 as of August this year.
Hoping to top 100,00 miles and 100 riders for the first time ever!

If you did not report the period between March 17th and April 25 th or
April 26th to May 25, or May 26th- June 25th, June 26-July 25 there is still time. 

Please email:

Thank you. Let’s make 2020  a record year. All non- club rides count as COVID miles. !!

Lyn Baker, 
OSW miles chairperson

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Listed are Events for the next 2 weeks. To see future events, click on the event calendar on the top menu bar.

 Rider Information

Ride Pace and distance are included in all rides descriptions.
This information is set by the ride leader.  Please check this when deciding which rides you prefer. 

Leisurely:          9-11 mph
Low Moderate:  11-13

Mid Moderate:   12-14  
High Moderate   13-15
Brisk:               15-18
Fast:                 18+

Very happy to have our friend, Rick Huggins riding with us!
It’s been a long long rode to recovery. He conquered COVID and is back on the bike!

Rick Huggins Ride

  Rick Huggins Ride.

August 14, 2020. 44 miles!

Rick Huggins


Officially, the ride schedule reopened June 7th for club rides. The health and safety of our riders is our main concern.  Please continue to follow the guidelines set forth.  

  1. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. By showing up for the ride, you are assuming responsibility for your own health and safety.
  2. SIGN IN - The ride leader will manage the “Sign In” for group rides, so they will be the only one handling the pen and sign in sheet.  All riders must check in prior to the ride and provide your name and emergency contact number, as always. Maintain the 6-foot distancing.
  3. RIDING - Ride groups will be in numbers of 10. If more riders show up, the group will be divided into a second group. Each group will start at a different interval. The ride leader will appoint ride leader #2, to lead the second group, if necessary.
  4. SPACING - Riders should maintain the minimum of 6 feet of separation from other riders while on the ride. If the group stops for a break, continue to maintain the social distancing suggestion of 6 feet.
  5. BREAKS - If the group stops for a break, continue to maintain the social distancing suggestion of 6 feet. Bring your mask and hand sanitizer. Even though you may be not be wearing a mask, please keep in mind that everyone has a different comfort level and consideration of others is of the utmost importance. Please take no offense if you are asked to put your mask on.
  6. At this time, no guests or non-members are permitted on official club rides.


Welcome Members
Recent Renewals

Welcome Members
Welcome Members

Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries
Upcoming Birthdays

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A video of the creation and formative years of OSW. 1977




OSW Club Jersey Order
 There are two styles of jerseys. The Sprint or (Club Style), a looser fitting jersey with regular sleeve and the Peloton which is a trimmer fit and has raglan sleeves. Both have full length zippers. OSW cycling shorts can also be ordered if we can get an order for five or more.
Email Neil Betts at and he will email you an order form or see Neil at the any Club meeting, and he will have order forms with him. All orders have to be paid for when ordering. Please make checks out to Neil Betts. There may be a small charge for shipping.
Cost of Club Cycling wear is as follows:
Sprint Jerseys $55.00
Peloton Jerseys $65.00
Peloton Shorts $65.00
Questions call Neil Betts 330-240-2271

Click  HERE for pictures and sizing Charts
Click  HERE  for order form


Important Notice:  

If OSW does not receive your renewal by April 30th, you will be automatically dropped from our active member list. Therefore no miles will credited and you will not receive ride event emails or newsletters.

If you have not received a renewal email, or have membership questions, please contact Jan at

If you cannot remember your username or need your password reset, contact Lyn at