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world bicycle day
World Bicycle Day is pretty much brand new — adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in April 2018. Let everyone know about this super cool celebration.

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Topic: Adding a quick event

If you have a good idea for a ride, we would love to join you.
Please add your event at least 3 days prior.
Here's whatcha do:

After logging in, click on "Event 
Calendar" on the main menu.  Scroll to the right and click on "Add QuickEvent".  From here simply fill in the info asked for. Be sure not to change the default "visibility" which is set to "visible to everyone".  Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen when done.  
The Ride Captain will get an email that an event was added. 

It's really that simple!!!

Join us at the next OSW club meeting. Click the link below for details

Wednesday - Monthly Meeting - 7/10/2019

June 2, 2019 Blue Jay 5K Family Fun Day was held benefiting Jackson Milton Elementary School. OSW was named a sponsor for our support and the donation of 100 bike safety books and 3’ cling ons. 

All the the books had our OSW logo on them as well as the cling-ons and books had our website printed on them also. 

We we continue to market ourselves as Youngstown’s premier bicycle club! 


Calling all new & prospective Members!!

June 22nd. Please join Pete for a  low paced 13 mile ride on the Canfield bike trail and some residential streets. Invite your friends!  Meet new people! Spread the word.

June 7th, 2019

Dave's 2nd annual Geneva on the Lake Ride was blessed by a perfect weather day!
We had 10 members participate.

Geneva  6/8/19

Invite A Friend RIDE was held-Tuesday May 28th

We had three new riders and 7 seasoned veterans participate in this 10 mile ride on the trail followed by a wonderful spread of snacks and beverages.

Deb Miglet hosted and organized this successful and fun event. it was decided by all that it is definitely worth repeating 

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Listed are Events for the next 2 weeks. To see future events, click on the event calendar on the top menu bar.

 Rider Information

Ride Pace and distance are included in all rides descriptions.
This information is set by the ride leader.  Please check this when deciding which rides you prefer. 

Leisurely:          9-11 mph
Low Moderate:  11-13

Mid Moderate:   12-14  
High Moderate   13-15
Brisk:               15-18
Fast:                 18+

May 21st 2019. This just in:!!

Jerry King gave his  world famous "Fifteen Point Tour" of Lusk's Lock located in Elkrun Township.

Ten OSW member attended this interesting hike showcasing the lock which was built in 1836.  It is one of the 90 locks on the 73 mile 
Sandy and Beaver Canal. It contains the only well-preserved lock and is an outstanding example of the very best class of the stone-work of our forefathers.  


Friday Ride of good cheer
May 24th, 2019. Dave Hughes Friday morning ride of good cheer. Smiles required! 
Come join the fun every Friday at 10:00 AM

No photo description available.
         Wednesday May 15; 2019 

Ride of Silence 2019

Organized and photo by Dave Hughes. 

A  "Ride of Silence" was also held in the Warren area.  This event was organized by the family of Garrett Wonders and attended by OSW members Debbie Miglets, Gloria Storey, and Ed Randall. The Ride of Silence is an annual international bicycle ride to commemorate cyclists killed and support those injured while riding of public roads. 


Important Notice:  

If OSW does not receive your renewal by April 28th, we assume you no longer want to be a member. No miles will credited and no ride event emails or newsletters will be sent 

If you have not received a renewal email, or have membership questions, please contact Jan at

If you cannot remember your username or need your password reset, contact Lyn at